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What Readers are Saying About 
The Sword and the Spark

"This Read just got better with every turn of the page. The characters are relatable, the plot is SO engaging. Groom's gift of storytelling is up there with Tolkien, Martin, and Lewis."

Amy J. /Verified Amazon Review

More Reader Reviews of
The Sword and the Spark

"The Sword and the Spark grabbed me by my imagination and pulled me into a world full of adventure, treachery, betrayal, love and so much more than I dare mention here without ruining it with spoilers."

Chuck F. / Verified Amazon Review

"The multifaceted characters drew me in and I can’t wait to discover more of this world and its people."

Steven G. / Verified Amazon Review

"It’s like your geeky favorites Stars Wars/ Firefly/ GOT had a baby with Shakespeare. Minus the iambic pentameter."

Kevin C. / Verified Amazon Review

"BAM, I was in from the first chapter. Very nice pacing that kept me turning pages all the way through. In order to savor the last few chapters, I started to slow down, which is when I know that I've really enjoyed a book. Congratulations to C.E. Groom for a fabulous debut novel. Looking forward to book #2!"

Torie C. / Verified Amazon Review

"I blew through 20 chapters in one sitting – I was so enthralled."

A. ONeill / Verified Amazon Review

"Before I knew it, I was 100+ pages into The Sword and the Spark and realized I had been completely swept up by the world, the story and the characters. I found it to be a real page turner and I couldn’t put it down. The story is realistic without being overly complex. The characters are diverse and multidimensional with lots of shades of gray, and I loved the lore surrounding the “spark” and the different abilities it may bestow on someone."

Kimberly H.  / Verified Amazon Review

"Wow! I read this book one chapter a day because it is something to savor. An intriguing story with Machiavellian twists. Tight writing and a neo-classic story told with modern elements make this a fun book that rekindled my love of reading. Well done, Ms. Groom."

Carl A.  / GoodReads Review

"You will not be disappointed. Excellent character development, great story line. Twists and turns that doesnt leave you motionsick. A book with a solid ending yet I am excited for the next book which at the time of this review was still being written.
Highly recommend, needs 6 stars!"

Peggy  / Verified Amazon Review

"Not only does it faultlessly blend science fiction with fantasy, CE Groom develops the characters in a way that makes you truly care about what happens to them. I also appreciated the world Groom created. It included LGBTQ characters who are accepted as a matter of course. To read that kind of representation is important for many of us. If you like sci-fi and/or fantasy, this book is one you shouldn't miss!"

Verified Barnes and Noble Review

"Every relationship and interaction is rife with real-world possibilities and she'll keep you guessing whether you love your favorite characters or hate them. Many of her characters became like friends to me--so much so that I found that I've sincerely missed them since finishing."

Heather B. / Amazon Review

"The story itself is engrossing as f*** and when I got to the second half, I couldn’t put it down. Well… I had to. I had work to do. But I didn’t LIKE putting it down."

Facebook Review

"It’s got complex characters who actually grow and change over time, a cool system of magic, and very few of the characters are straight white men! It was a very fun read and you should definitely go get yourself a copy."

Facebook Review

"Tightly woven drama with all the makings of an epic, set in a lush fantasy sci-fi locale. CE Groom, in their debut novel, takes classic literary tropes and turns them on their heads. Through excellent world-building, The Sword and the Spark sucks you in, demands you fall in love with the characters and keeps you glued to your seat for every close-call, witty retort, sword-fight and space-ship battle - yes! Space-ship battles! Even when exploring darker themes, CE Groom’s words delight and thrill and shall hopefully return soon to satisfy this reader’s demand for more." 

Kaitlyn O. / Early Reader

"This novel is a wonderful, new take on sci-fi mysticism. The pace keeps up throughout and the author keeps you guessing."

Joseph B. / Early Reader

"The Sword and the Spark by C.E. Groom is a must read! The Universe as well as the characters she's crafted are fun, unique and complex. I found this is the perfect book to get lost in. . . Loved it!"

Tom B. / Early Reader

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