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has been recognized as a 

2022 IAN Book of the Year Finalist

in the Categories of

Fantasy and

First Novel Over 80,00 words

and has been named a

2022 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

Welcome to the official online home of C.E. Groom, author of The Order of the Silver Sword, a new series of novels beginning with The Sword and the Spark. 

Go ahead and take a look around, read a book sample, enjoy a short story, gaze at some reader reviews, visit the blog, or get to know the author.

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The Sword and the Spark Ebook Cover.jpg

"I am the Sword, the Light, and the Spark."

Stars light your way!


The Order of the Silver Sword Begins With

The Sword and The Spark

In this Shakespeare-inspired tale of betrayal and murder, one man’s heroic quest becomes a battle for the soul of an empire—and his own. Mace Ealdor is a revered member of the Order of the Silver Sword, mortals who possess the Spark of the Celestials. For centuries, the Silver Swords have been the guardians of the empire of Danim, but when Mace embarks on a quest to right the wrongs of the monarchy amid a decades-long civil war, his noble ambitions soon threaten everything he seeks to protect. Friends become enemies, heroes become villains, and the only path to salvation rests in the will of the Stars themselves.


While intended for more mature readers due to its violence, language, and adult situations, it also contains classic elements of romance and adventure while delving deeply into the complexities of love and family.

© C.E. Groom 2021


Listen to a teaser from The Sword and the Spark.

The Mission

The Shield and the Flame Cover.jpg

Download a free PDF, and/or AUDIOBOOK MP3 copy of the first in a new series of short stories, Tales from the Order of the Silver Sword, "The Shield and the Flame."

PDF Document

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