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Book 2 Update: Here's Where The Fun Begins

I know it has been a while since I have shared an update, but that's because I was doing everything possible to wrap up Book 2 of The Order of the Silver Sword. It took two whole years, but the first draft has finally been completed! (To quote Monty Python, “And there was much rejoicing.” “Yay.”) It even has a title now, although that won’t be revealed just yet.

I can't tell you everything at once. I need to space it out a bit.

Now, at this point, you’re probably all wondering, “Well, now what? When do we get to read it?” And my answer to those questions is, “I need to whip this bad boy into shape, so you’re going to have to wait a little while longer.”

As Michael Crichton famously said, "Books aren't written--they're rewritten." Now, I know there are a lot of writers who share their writing as soon as they’ve completed a draft, but I am not that writer. I know how ugly a first draft can be. In fact, The Sword and the Spark was unspeakably ugly when it first emerged into the world, and it went through several revisions before anyone else ever got a peek at it. Then it went through several more revisions once they had. And guess what? By the time Book 2 is ready to leave the nest, there will likely be a second edition of The Sword and the Spark which will include bonus material, a character glossary, and maybe. . . and I do mean maybe. . . a map.

Why maybe? Because the truth is, I’m the person who skips over the maps in fantasy novels about ninety percent of the time. However, I do understand the importance of a visual representation of the geography of a fictional world, and I am currently working on transferring my mental map to the page.

For you.

Because you have spoken.

Which is why you are also getting a character glossary. And maybe a short story or two. I'm still working out the details, but if I'm going to release a second edition, it's going to come with all the things I'll be including with Book 2.

See? Even though you might have to wait a bit longer for Book 2, I’m doing my best to make sure the wait is worth it.

And while you’re waiting, here’s some hand drawn Book 2 concept art I created for your enjoyment. No, I’m not a trained artist, but I do enjoy drawing my own characters, and I thought you might like this little teaser of what’s to come.

Stars light your way!

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